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  • Character: Lauren Reed
  • Fandom: Alias
  • Reason for Being Hated: Most of the fandom hate her because she halted the “Sydney x Vaughn” relationship.

Defense from submitter: [SPOILERS] FIRSTLY Vaughn was the one who decided to move on with his life after the season 2 finale. In fact, Vaughn was the one who decided to marry her and forget Sydney! Lauren started as the sweet “other woman” but it turns out she’s a treacherous double agent and a damn kickass! Lauren deserves more love because she’s a complex character and she’s sexy, smart and a strong female![/SPOILERS]

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Irina Derevko affected your life every bit as much as she affected mine. I knew the possibility existed that Sydney would be drawn into our world, but I often wondered why you were the one who sought her out, why you showed such paternal affection toward her. Now I know. You did it because you were angry and jealous and wanted to take away the one thing that was important to both Irina and me, the symbol of what we had and you didn’t: Sydney.
You’re right. I’m not going to help you. Since this is the last conversation we will ever have, I want to make this perfectly clear. What you have done to my daughter is nothing compared to what I will do when I find yours. By Jack Bristow to Arvin Sloane, 3x19 (via dreamingalonso)